Do you have a project and need professional excavation services? This is essential to making sure your project is constructed correctly from the very beginning. When done correctly, it provides a solid foundation on which to build any project.

We combine the correct equipment and technology along with our experience to guarantee that your job is done in a timely and efficient manner. Our expertise and innovation make us the best choice for your job.

Some of the services that we offer:


We provide commercial and industrial site development, as well as urban redevelopment services. Our experience with phased construction is ideal in performing earthwork, providing civil construction, and installing underground utilities for a myriad of projects.

Underground Utilities

We have successfully installed, modified and repaired storm drainage, water line, sanitary sewer, and fire line utilities in both the and private sectors. We have extensive work experience so we can meet the needs of any utility project for you safely and efficiently.

Earthwork & Mass Excavation

Our experience and capabilities are in all types of soil conditions that have led us to perform several large excavation projects throughout our service area.

We also provide:

  • Site Clearing
  • Lot Leveling
  • Grading Contractor Services
  • Backfill
  • Basement Excavation
  • Sewer & Water
  • Foundation
  • Erosion Control
  • Dirt & Rock
  • Embankment
  • Septic Systems

Surgent Construction Excavating Services
Surgent Construction Excavating Services

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